“If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Not Your Routine Trip to the Salon

A complete car makeover like the one often done in MTV’s Pimp My Ride probably cost a couple of thousand dollars. If you find that price too steep, yet you want to give your car a complete new look, lemme help you out. Instead of completely remodeling your car, you can make a few changes here and there so you can alter, enhance and improve your car’s appearance for just a few dollars, or a couple of hundred dollars. OK! That price is still too steep, but compared to a thousand bucks which do you prefer? Anyway, just read on.

Car Decal ($5 - $80)

This option is probably the most popular one among car stylists not to mention the easiest. A decal is a material, often plastic, that has a pattern that can be transferred to another surface by heat or water treatment. You may have seen the immensely popular pee-on decal on most cars. It’s a black and white sticker of Calvin of “Calvin and Hobbes” peeing with his back turned to you. But that is just one of the many examples. You can choose among decals that feature school names, sports teams, short funny messages, organizations, advertisements, brand names and a lot more. It can be placed almost anywhere. You can transfer it to your windshield, hood, side panel, tailgate, rear window, license plate and fuel tank cover. You can even have one custom-made, but that one would cost you extra.

Calvin Peeing Decal
Spoiler ($80 - $270)

A spoiler is a panel that can be attached to a vehicle for various reasons: 1) to reduce drag or wind resistance; 2) to increase traction between the tires and road surface so as to prevent the cars from “lifting off” ; 3) to draw in air to various parts of the vehicle; 4) to accessorize. There are various kinds of spoilers and each one vary in price. The most common is the rear spoiler. This is the one that you’d often see on sports cars and race cars. It is that device attached over the trunk door. Another kind of spoiler is the air dam. It is placed at the front, just below the bumper. It draws in air towards the engine and increases traction. It is a great option if you wan to give your car a bit of a sporty look. The expensive ones usually include some extras like LED lights so if you want to save money then you can do away with those and just avail of an inexpensive one.

Car Spoiler
Aftermarket Lighting Assemblies ($60 - $120)
Factory original lights complement the look of your vehicle, but they tend to look too conventional over time. You can remove them and replace them with aftermarket ones that are more eye-catching. You can get altezza lights for about $65 - $80. PIAA bulbs cost about $100 and some cost even more. Other options are projector lamps and fog lamps. The options are endless so you can try browsing online for online stores that offer them. If you google “Aftermarket Lighting Assemblies” you’ll get more than 200,000 hits so just take your pick from all those choices.

Hummer with Aftermarket Lights
Badges, Emblems & Logos ($9 - $20)

Most emblems and logos are priced at $9.95, but there are a few online stores that offer them at a slightly higher rate. These are also very popular because not only are they economical, they are also very easy to install. They typically have a pre-set adhesive backing. You can just peel and stick. And it is guaranteed to stay on come rain or shine. If you do not want to do that much work you can just get yourself one of these.

Cadillac Car Logos