“If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Not Your Routine Trip to the Salon (Part II)

There are a thousand options to choose from if you want to give your car a makeover. These range from subtle to drastic alterations. The cost also varies, and most of the time it depends on how much change you are willing to make. Emblems, logos and badges are very economical because they only offer subtle changes. On the other hand, spoilers are easily noticeable so they rake in more money. Giving a car a makeover depends highly on how much money you are willing to part with. So it is actually more of a question of resource than desire. Remember however that no matter how subtle a change is as long as it is properly done can produce a significant outcome. Do not be disheartened if you can’t give your car a complete makeover. It is not a one day project. You can take your time with it. It took me about 4 months to restore an ’84 Ford EXP, not because I am lame at my hobby but because I saved up first and bought the replacements as well as the aftermarket parts one by one. You can do the same thing. Here are a couple of things that should also be on your shopping list.

Wing-doors Conversion Kit ($600 - $2500)

Yep! Converting your ordinary car door to wing-doors can be pretty expensive. And that is just a ballpark figure. Some can even be more expensive. I think the cheapest one is priced at about $599.99 so I just rounded it up. Lambo doors, which are also called scissor doors are priced at $1000 - $1500. It depends on what are included in the conversion kit and highly on the make of your car. The options are suicide doors (the rear doors are hinged to the trailing edge, the one near the rear part of the vehicle), gull-wing doors (doors that open outwards and then up) and Lambo doors (one that open upwards and twists at an angle) which are also called beetle-wing doors, jackknife doors and switchblade doors.

Window Graphics ($120 - $200)

A window graphic is different from a decal. The latter is a pattern that can be transferred to another surface. The former, on the other hand, is a poster (or you can call it a sticker if you must) that is attached to the window of a car, usually the rear. Unlike a sticker though, the one with the print is the one pasted to the window so that other people can see it from the outside. But there are others that can be attached outside of the window. The price depends on the design as well as the size. A custom-made one is even more expensive than the projected cost mentioned above. It stays on for a very long period of time because it is UV-resistant and it won’t peel off even if you go to the car wash regularly. There are thousands of designs to choose from.

Window Graphics
Aftermarket Grilles ($50 - $720)

Chrome grilles. Billet grilles. Mesh grilles. Custom grilles. OEM grilles. Chrome grille overlays. Those are just a few of the choices. These are great options too. If for example you own a Honda Fit just like about a hundred thousand Americans do. In the sea of Honda Fits, how can you stand out? Well one thing that these have in common is that they have the trademark Honda grille. You can make your car more unique if you get a different kind of grille, say one that is made for another vehicle make or model. Wouldn’t that be much simpler than buying a new car?

Aftermarket Grille