“If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

Friday, May 23, 2008

Easy Dashboard Fixes

You may be able to get away with a dirty floor and a stained seat by covering them up with something, but you will find it really taxing to hide your dashboard from view. I must admit there are very few things that can damage it, and it does not get old and dingy that fast. For some people the original design of the dash grows on them, but for most people it could get very boring. If you want your interior to have that unique and personal look, I may be able to help you. Just read on…

Dashboard Cover ($27 - $45)

This gives your dashboard a more stylish look and it serves as protection against the harmful rays of the sun, which is often the cause of dashboard warping, discoloration and cracking. Your dash will look drastically different once you fit a cover over it. One type of cover is the dash mat. It looks like a floor mat, but it’s made to fit the contours of the dash. The great thing about this is you can have the maker put logos of your favorite sports team, a flag, college / university or even have your name monogrammed into it. And as you may have noticed, it is virtually inexpensive. If you look around you might find one that’s even less expensive.
Dashboard CoverDash Kit ($130 - $200)

In some cars the area around the stereo, glove box and the top console is devoid of any paneling. This does not bother most people, but if you are one of those who are then you should rush to the nearest store so you can get a dash kit. There are a lot to choose from, but be careful not to pick one that isn’t made for your vehicle otherwise you’ll find it hard to attach it. It is recommended that you get one that matches the trim of your interior, but if you want to be adventurous you can get one that offers a sharp contrast so you can mix and match. Take your pick from wood panels, carbon fiber fitting and aluminum dash kits. Aside from those three there are others to choose from.

Dash Kit
Interior Trim Strip ($40)

Are there bare panels in your dash that you cannot fill with a cover or a dash kit? That is not a problem. You can get a interior trim strip that you can peel and stick. These are about 1 inch wide strips that vary in length which you can stick anywhere in the interior. There are a couple of colors and designs to choose from, but it would make an elegant effect if you follow the trim of your dash kit and/or cover. I found a site that offers it at $40, but I bet some offer it at a cheaper price.

Interior Trim Strip
Steering Wheel Cover ($9 - $60)

Do not be confused about the price range. The cheapest ones are the standard and those with print. I recommend you get this because although it costs about $9 or $10, it is usually made from the same material as those that costs more. So why is it that some costs way over $50? Well, those are the custom-made ones. Let’s face it there are millions of cars on the streets nowadays, and the variety of interior designs and aftermarket styling accessories do not make it easier for steering wheel cover manufacturers. They cannot make a complete lineup that fits cars to a T. The solution? You place an order, indicate what style, size and design you want and voila! You can have one made in no time. This is a quick fix if you can’t find a cover that suits your vehicle’s interior styling.

Steering Wheel Cover