“If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Car Safety Features Get a Needed Bolster

According to statistics, teenage pregnancy is not the most common accident in the United States; it’s actually rear-ending a vehicle. I’m not kidding at all. Every second there’s someone in the U.S. who is at the moment crashing or bumping into the rear-end of another vehicle. That’s why innovative automakers have made it a point to integrate added safety features to their vehicle which is designed to prevent those dangers. And, oh, by the way this technology is relatively new. Not many cars are fitted with this. It’s what is called the automatic braking system, not very technical-sounding, eh? But it’s very helpful, to say the least.

This brake system is composed of a set of sensors and wires connected to the vehicle’s existing brake system. This is basically how it works: Infrared sensors along the front of the vehicle measure the distance between the object in front of the car and the vehicle’s front end. Once the other vehicle comes too close for comfort, the automatic braking system engages the brake in order to slow down the vehicle (not stop). Once the driver notices this sudden change, he’ll be aware of the other vehicle and apply the brakes fully if it’s necessary. Without me saying so, you’ll know how helpful this device is. And I just wish more cars are fitted with this, which by the way reminds me to ask my friend at the auto shop if it’s available as an aftermarket upgrade. I hope it is. It would be useful in city-driving and if ever I fall asleep while driving, which I hope I don’t.