“If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

Thursday, March 6, 2008

This is Me Doing a Double Take

I’ve been too engrossed on “green” cars these past days. With all the hype they’ve been generating, I’ve sort of deviated from what my blog was truly about. Indeed, I said in my introduction that this blog will be about anything related to automobiles. Actually, the very reason I started this is so I can find a “container” for everything I’ve learned about cars, parts-wise. That’s why it’s called CarAnatomy in the first place. And besides, it’s easier to write here than in a notepad. And I can even add images. Isn’t that neat? So, beginning on my next post, I’ll be tackling car parts.

Well, first on my list are car entertainment systems and most of the electronic devices found near your dashboard. Those devices are the reasons why I never pick up hitchhikers in the interstate (unless of course if it’s a hot babe!) Kidding aside, it’s never boring if the radio is blaring all day long while I’m on one of my drives. And to think, they never cost that much to have them play all day long. I can just charge the battery, and make sure the alternator and ignition coils are okay and I’m all set and ready to go.

Meanwhile, I’m gonna leave it at that and head off to my friend’s house. I figured I need to help the poor guy attach his hood scoop, and maybe later I can write a blow by blow on how to install one.